Young Boy At Hurricane Relief Center Asks Trump, “Can I Have A Hug?”. Moment Instantly G

The liberal media does its best job to paint our president as some sort of monster, but it doesn’t take much digging to find evidence to the contrary.

While visiting a relief center for Topical Storm Florence this week, Trump caused quite a reaction when he granted a request from a little boy.

“Can I have a hug?” the young man asked while the president was visiting a church in North Carolina.

Almost instantly, the president reaches out and gives the kid a hug, causing the nearby crowd to “awww” at the touching moment. Shockingly CNN caught the moment on tape, and hasn’t deleted it yet:

“Can I have a hug?” President Trump takes a break from handing out food at a local church in New Bern, North Carolina, to hug a young boy — CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) September 19, 2018

During a briefing, the president affirmed the country’s commitment to helping victims of the storm:

“To the families who have lost loved ones, America grieves with you, and our hearts break for you. God bless you. We will never forget your loss, we will never leave your side. We’re with you all the way. And to all those impacted by this terrible storm, our entire American family is with you and ready to help. And you will recover.”

Earlier this year a video went viral of Trump hugging a young boy after signing the “right-to-try” bill which granted patients the right to try experimental drugs and procedures when faced with terminal diseases.

GUYS OMG — Caleb Hull (@CalebJHull) May 30, 2018

Who would’ve thought that our president has a heart after all? Day in and day out the press works so hard to portray Trump as some sort of cold-hearted a-hole, but then he goes and does something like this!

Maybe, JUST MAYBE, the info-tainers are trying to sell us on a lie that the president doesn’t care about the American people. He’s certainly shooting holes in their narrative with moments like this.



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