With Rep. Hurd Stepping Down, A True Texas Conservative Aims To Take His Place

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Will Hurd is the Representative of Texas’ 23rd district, spanning from west San Antonio, all the way out to to El Paso’s district 16.

The district also runs along the southern border, making it a key battleground for Republicans who are intent on putting a stop to the illegal immigration and trafficking that occurs on a daily basis.

While Hurd has an R next to his name, he definitely doesn’t vote in the interest of conservative Americans. Just last week he approved a bill granting amnesty to illegal immigrants who claim to work in agriculture, allowing them to bypass the system. That isn’t exactly a conservative position on the issue of immigration.

Fortunately, Hurd is retiring after his term ends, leaving the seat up for grabs for both Republicans and Democrats. Although a Republican won the seat in the last election, Hurd’s margin was razor thin at less than 1,000 more than challenger Gina Ortiz Jones.

With Jones running again, Republicans are in need of a strong candidate who will stand for conservative values, protect the second amendment, and defend our southern border from being run over by people who shouldn’t be here.

Enter Darwin Boedeker.

A complete outsider to politics, Darwin Boedeker is a business owner who formerly owned Texas Gun Shows. In a district currently represented by a RINO, Boedeker is a true conservative who believes in U.S. sovereignty, and personal liberty.

“Our border is how we designate ourselves as a sovereign nation,” he said in an interview with Politifeed. “If we do not defend out border, we will lose our Nation.”

Boedeker was very critical of the current representative, Will Hurd, and said that he would actually uphold conservative values.

During our time together we were able to talk about the reason why Darwin was running for office, and he kept coming back to “because I have to”.

“It is Christ who guides me and is my refuge,” he said. “I am fighting for my future children and grand children.”

Not wanting to sit around, and hope for a candidate to show up that he could support, Darwin saw that he might be the only option for people like him.

“I’m a rancher,” he says about his personality. “I just see something that needs to be done, and I go do it. If something needs to be fixed, I try to fix it. That’s who I am.”

“That’s why I’m running. Washington needs to be fixed, and there aren’t enough real conservatives willing to go through this.”

When asked if he would be able to handle the ugliness of a campaign, Darwin smiles and says “I’ve got pretty thick skin.”



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