Why A Border Wall Is 100% American

There seems to be a popular belief amongst leftists and centrists that a border wall would be anti-American. That a wall “goes against the core values of what America stands for”.

Exactly, what do they think those “core values” are?

Yes, once upon a time America stood for financial freedom for anyone with the courage to seek it out. Now, those who had the courage are being taxed on every transaction they make. Who benefits from those taxes?

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Well, firstly, the government does by controlling how part of your money is spent without your explicit consent. Census report statistics have shown that upwards of 87% of illegal immigrants are on one or more welfare program, also making them beneficiaries of your tax dollars. Is that financial freedom?

Secondly, the government then gets to keep their thumb on these illegal immigrants, as they become more dependent on the government’s hand outs of your tax dollars. Is that financial freedom for the immigrants?

Therefore, allowing illegal immigrants to flood the border and come over in droves seems to be the anti-American sentiment, not the other way around.

I can understand people wanting to be compassionate for illegal immigrants. Sometimes, I stop to think how badly I feel for them, as well. That doesn’t make them my responsibility.

Every paycheck I receive, I have to pay into Social Security with the promise and understanding that when I retire, that money will come back to me.

See, the government tricked us into believing that we weren’t smart enough to save our own money, or, heck, do whatever it is we want to do with it once we’ve earned it. No, they decided that it would benefit them to take our money from us, collect interest on it for upwards of 45 years, and give it back to us when and how they see fit. Now social security is threatening to dissolve, leaving millions of American’s without a return on the money they’ve paid into. I guess that’s just the price of having 87% of illegal immigrants taking from the system. That doesn’t seem like financial freedom.

I will say this. A border wall is not fool proof. It’ll definitely give drug smugglers a tougher time making their money and flooding our streets with drugs, but it won’t necessarily do much more than that once another democratic president is elected.

Hopefully, President Trump delivers on his promise to build a wall. I just hope he’s not willing to trade our freedoms to get one. I sure am not.



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