Who Is Behind The Climate Change Hoax?

In the wake of Greta Thunberg’s dramatic speech on climate change recently, many astrophysicists have taken to YouTube and other forms of social media to refute her claims and pose very important questions to those paying attention.

“It really comes down to child abuse. That poor little girl is being abused, and being used to abuse other young people, with her cries of a ruined future in the face of climate change.” One astrophysicist and author named Joseph Postma said in a YouTube interview recently. “It’s quite sad. People won’t be able to believe the scale of this fraud. The left invents this idea and calls it something that it isn’t. Why would you do that unless you were trying to lie and deceive?”

Some people might recall that in 1992, nearly 30 years before Greta Thunberg’s impassioned speech, the 12 year old daughter of Canadian activist David Suzuki named Severn Cullis-Suzuki addressed the plenary session of the UN earth summit in Rio de Janeiro. In her speech, she described being “afraid to breathe the air” or go out in the sun, warned of mass extinctions of plants and animals and even urged rich nations to stop spending so much money on war and “let go of some of our wealth”. The National Enquirer published an article in 1896 that The New York Times republished five years later, titled “Heatwave in Europe, Death’s from sunstroke.”. Later in 1901, the New York Times published another article titled “New York Wilts in protracted heat.” In these articles, they describe how hot air recycles itself and ends up give off more heat than the sun, a narrative still being pushed today that has repeatedly been debunked by a number of different scientists. So I guess this urgency isn’t anything new. Funny how the world never did end. The biggest question being asked by naysayers is “If the ultimate goal is to reduce carbon emissions, why are these activists coming to the United States, Canada, and Europe when Russia, China, and India produce 90% of the earth’s carbon?” Are they not going there because they’re being funded by those country’s in order to push an invented crisis that is designed to cripple the production of the first world? When war isn’t an option because it would be suicide for everyone involved, a game of political intrigue is the next best option. Make up a crisis, fund the universities to teach and push it, fund the activists to shout loudly, fund the media to cover it, and you’ve got yourself a successful intellectual coup. A better solution is to impose strict sanctions on China and India unless they change their environmental procedures. Instead of punishing the countries who produce the vast majority of the problem, they’re just going to punish the rest of us and serve to benefit from it. All things considered, it really makes you wonder just how much danger we’re actually in.



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