When Carrie Underwood and Vince Gill Start Singing About Jesus, It Took My Breath Away

These days it seems to be a rare occurrence when a celebrity is willing to be vocal about their faith.

We find ourselves jumping for joy whenever someone famous says “I believe in Jesus,” but once upon a time that was the norm.

For some reason we as a body of believers have been led to think that we need to keep our faith to ourselves. In actuality, we need to be living a life that has others questioning “what is it about this person that makes them so special?”.

Someone who has done that in her career is Carrie Underwood. The beloved country singer has never been afraid to speak about her faith, and has even performed worship songs in front of massive crowds.

Such is the case in this video of her teaming up with Vince Gill to sing “How Great Thou Art.”

Although you’ve undoubtedly heard this song before, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better, more beautifully sung rendition of the classic. Enjoy:

Be blessed, and share this with someone who needs to add some worship to their day.


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