When 3 Robbers Showed Up, This 83 Year Old Grandpa Showed Them Who’s Boss

That’s what happened when this eighty three year old grand father was inadvertently caught up in an armed robbery. When three men entered the Bar One Racing with hammers and a sawed off shotgun demanding cash from the business’ safe.

Dennis O’Connor was overlooked when the masked robbers came in. He saw them go to work, hopping up on the counter and assaulting the manager. That’s when he jumped into action.

They’re not sure what to make of an old man, so he’s able to sneak up on them,

Being an old man, they didn’t see him coming, and he got the drop on them.

A good kick in the pants!

He told the Irish Independent,

“I didn’t really think about it. I just went for it.”

The manger told Irish Daily,

“I was just being threatened by the two fellas with the hammers. Denis tackled one of them and I thought, ‘I will have to tackle this fella as well,'” Murphy said. “I tried to grab the hammer. It was a total blur. They totally backed down. I remember Denis just shouting, ‘Ye are cowards. Ye are total cowards.’”

“Denis is a total hero. When I saw him taking one of them on he totally inspired me. He is very fit.”

God bless you, Dennis O’Connor!

Hold my beer! pic.twitter.com/ISHbsxowVZ — PolitiFeed (@realPolitiFeed) September 18, 2018




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