What The Media Won’t Tell You About The Nurse Who Was Arrested

Law enforcement in America is constantly being blamed, and criticized for the actions of a few officers, but is this nothing but media bias?

Social media is flooded with videos of “bad cops” doing terrible things, but is it fair to paint all policemen and women as bad guys?

Obviously the answer to that is no, but unfortunately departments aren’t doing themselves any favors by not weeding out those who shouldn’t be on the force.

Here’s a recent example. A nurse in Utah was asked to draw blood from the victim of a car crash. The victim, who was unconscious at the time, could not consent to having his blood drawn, and given to law enforcement (which is the law).

To make things more interesting, the victim was a reserve police officer in Idaho.


Earlier this year a lawsuit was filed against five Chicago officers after a high-speed chase lead to the wrongful death of a 13-year old girl. The reason for the chase? A case of beer.

At this point, officers are finding it necessary to cover their own tracks. These gentlemen had induced a high-speed chase that led to an innocent man getting badly hurt.

You can come to your own conclusion on this one…


After telling the officers that they could only have the blood with a warrant, one of the officers told the nurse she was under arrest.

As you can see in the video, he violently grabs the nurse, and forces her outside. From there, he puts her in a squad car, and waits for other officers to arrive.

Now, if you watch the entire video, the officers tell the nurse she was arrested because she didn’t break the hospital’s agreement with the police department.

Folks, these are the examples of police incompetence where it’s okay to say “these guys messed up.”


The only way we can fix Americans’ problem with the police is to identify the fact that there might be a problem.

Now, there aren’t a lot of “good cops” going viral these days for their acts of bravery, and that’s disappointing. At the same time, we can’t sit back and deny police wrong-doing.

In every profession there will be “bad” people, but when the job is to uphold the law, we need to hold our officers to a higher standard.

With that higher standard, comes more respect, both given and received.

The arguments of “they are people just like us,” and “they were scared for their life” don’t cut it. There are too many outstanding men and women who serve their communities for us to give those “bad eggs” a pass.


Support your police officers, but don’t do it blindly. There’s something biblical about trimming the bad to make way for the good. Why shouldn’t the same principle be applied to civil servants?

No, not all police officers are bad, far from it. Almost all of them are great people, but when we allow the bad ones to stick around, it makes the establishment stink. That isn’t fair to those officers who have earned the respect of their communities.

Police departments in America owe it to themselves to kick out officers incapable of doing their duties. We have too many fantastic officers who are getting a bad rap, and it’s time to bring that to an end.



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