WATCH: Woman Chases Down And Pummels Man Who Groped Her

A New York City woman is getting national attention for turning the tables on a man who groped her in a subway station.

Chantal Castanon was taking her normal route home after work, when a man decided to grab her behind. That’s when Chantal said she went in a “rage”, and did something the man surely never saw coming.

“I felt the rage coming from my stomach, I was like what did he just do to me? Did he really just touch me like that and he didn’t even care, just walked off like it was nothing,” Chantal said. “Really quickly it happened but he just like grabbed my whole buttocks.”

The next thing she knew, Chantal was chasing after the man, hitting him over and over as he ran away.

“I was just like you know what? You’re not touching me like that and getting away with it,” she said.

When she saw video surveillance footage, Castanon couldn’t believe herself. “It just happened so fast and when I saw it, I said wow, I can’t believe I actually did that, I didn’t even think about it!”

Chantal said that she chased after the man because she didn’t want him to be able to get away with it. “Who knows how many women he’s done this to,” she says. Hopefully this guy is caught, but one thing is for sure, he’s not going to mess with Chantal ever again. Nobody forgets getting their butt kicked like that.



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