Watch What Happens When A Plane Violates President Trump’s Airspace On Air Force One

As leader of the free world it’s understandable that the President has a massive amount of security. And when he moves, that security detail moves and adapts with him.

President Trump is the wealthiest President of all time, and having been a real estate magnate before his step into public service, he has multiple homes, and travels to them often on the weekends.

Have you ever wondered what’s involved in protecting the airspace surrounding the President, wherever he is?

Jeff Rossen an exclusive look into what it takes to make sure the airspace around the President is free and clear of any unwanted company.

Col. Bradford of the Air National Guard shares that “When the President moves, the Federal Aviation Administration puts a temporary flight restriction in place, and we defend it.”

Jeff Rossen climbed into a Cessna to demo what exactly what happens when a rogue aircraft breeches the restricted airspace.

As soon as the Cessna pilots become unresponsive to air traffic controllers, F-16 fighter jets are scrambled.

Rossen says that you can actually hear the jet as it flies by inspecting the rogue occupants.

These planes fly SUPER CLOSE!

The pilots attempt to make contact

And when the Cessna still refuses to respond on the radio, the F-16 pilots, try one last maneuver called the “Head Butt,” where they cross the flight path extremely close, letting them know they mean business.

To find out what happens next, watch the full video below.

If the plane is still unresponsive, and if the situation meets the rules of engagement, the pilots will shoot the rogue plane down to protect the President.

The Air National Guard also protects events like the Super Bowl, and the UN General Assembly. Since the events of 9/11, jets have been scrambled on over five thousand occasions to respond to wayward planes.




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