Watch Sarah Sanders Obliterate Dems On Border Security, ‘Get Serious’ Before You Cause A

With all the back and forth bantering between Democrats, The President, and Republicans, there seems to be a messy situation in which no one is wanting to come to an agreement on. The issue of border security is a huge topic right now, some believe it is absolutely important, while others seem to think it’s a non-issue.

The discord between the two parties caused the record long 35 day Government shutdown, which ended Friday, under talk about it being just until February 15th while they continue to come up with a compromise. Though it seems to me Dems and Nancy Pelosi don’t really seem to have intentions of compromising. Though, I do hope for the American people, that I am wrong.

During the first White House press briefing in 2019, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders called out Democrats to “get serious” about the issues at hand with securing the border, and to prevent another government shutdown. Can say I agree with her.

In her briefing, Sanders noted that the wall is the goal of the negotiations, and not another shutdown with Democrats. She explained the focus shouldn’t be on the shutdown, but should remain on securing the border.

Sanders stated:

“The president is committed to fixing the problem”

Sanders explained. “It’s pretty simple. We have three weeks to work with Democrats. As the president has indicated on a number of occasions, they could get this done in 15 minutes. We agree on the fundamentals that border security is important. We agree on the fact that there is a problem and we should do something about it.”

Though Sanders hinted at the doubt that the Democrats and Pelosi would even negotiate, she did say however,

“The president’s opened the government on the basis that Democrats have signaled to us that they’re willing to actually get serious about a real deal and get serious about fixing the problem at the border, including funding for a border wall,”

With all this up in the air, they have until the 15th to sign a deal or another shutdown will start. What a miss this has become. Watch the full briefing below to see what all was talked about, and how things stand right now.

Asked whether Pres. Trump would support legislation removing government shutdown as an option, Sarah Sanders tells @jonkarl, "I'm not going to get into the hypotheticals…What I do know is that the president is committed to fixing the problem." — ABC News (@ABC) January 28, 2019



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