Wall Street Issues Huge Threat To NFL, And It Could Be The One Thing That Stops The Madness

As if you thought the NFL protests couldn’t go any further, they just actually became real?

Why? Because now money is being affected. In America there’s a secret truth that states, anyone is allowed to have any belief, or do any thing they please, right up until the point it costs powerful people money. Or up until that thing so offends people with money they use that money as a weapon to put an end to something.

How does that apply to the NFL?

The bankers that bankroll the teams, many of whom are veterans themselves are threatening to cancel funding if the protests continue.

Bankers are an elusive type and rarely care to step into the limelight, but one stepping out from their controlling shadows to let the rest of America, that they’re tired of these protests, and are ready to take action if they continue.

Chris McCormick, a high level derivatives trader says,

“I am going to be flat-out honest — I think the players should be standing up for the anthem. They can lock arms all right, but they shouldn’t be bringing politics into the sport like this.”

These bankers sometimes back the teams themselves, or buy up large blocks of season ticket seats. There’s a truth in America that is becoming more and more evident with time. People might say one thing, but how they act with their money will tell you how they really feel about a matter.

The bankers invest in football because there’s money to be made there. They also invest because so many of them are veterans and served this country, and Football is such a major symbol of what America is. When they were deployed they would watch games and play fantasy football to stay sane in between missions. Now that they’re successful bankers they get to help support the real America. So, you can imagine the ire they feel when they’re investment turns around and bite the hand that feeds.

McCormick added,

“I am now watching way less games than I ever had,”

Hughey Newsome, a consultant for Morgan Franklin, agrees with McCormick,

“Dragging the national anthem into an anti-President Trump message is very disrespectful to our military veterans,”

Love it or hate, Wall Street feels a certain amount of ownership of the NFL, and if enough of them get determined enough to do something about it they would.

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