United Methodist Church Bishops Say They Cannot Support Church Because Of LGBT Debate

This Sunday while in service my pastor kept bringing up the fact that people just aren’t attending church as much as they used to.

“This isn’t just happening here,” he said. “It’s happening all across the country.”

Yes, churches have seen their numbers decrease, but godless secularism isn’t entirely to blame. A lot of hurches have done a good job of pushing God out, and replacing him with an image of God all their own.

That’s exactly what’s going on in the United Methodist Church, as leaders are split over the issue of promoting homosexuality in the church. Yes, you read that right.

Now, a few brave leaders are trying to bring the Church back into God’s favor by speaking the truth. Unfortunately, as we know from 2 Timothy, there are numerous “churches” that will lose their way, and replace God with man… It was all foretold.

“As bishops of The United Methodist Church, we are called to seek the unity of the church,” several church leaders wrote in a statement. “Love the entirety of the church, and lead all churches within our connection to thrive in their mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world, while upholding the order and discipline of the Church.”

This from the Christian Post:

Over the past several years, the UMC has had divisive debate over whether to keep its current stance, as laid out in the Book of Discipline, defining homosexuality as “incompatible with Christian teaching.”

This position includes a ban on the ordination of noncelibate homosexuals and a refusal to allow clergy to officiate same-sex marriages.

Although proposals to remove the language fail every four years at General Conference, opponents of the stance continue to increasingly resist the Book of Discipline rules on homosexuality.

In February, the UMC held a special session of General Conference aimed at passing a plan that would prevent schism over the debate.

Most bishops and many progressives supported a measure known as the “One Church Plan,” which would have largely allowed local bodies to determine their position on LGBT issues.

Fortunately, for the time being, the church still operates under “The Traditional Plan”, which doesn’t allow the church to officiate homosexual weddings because…. well, duh.

In a time where we are told to “tolerate” the views of others, Christians get the short end of the stick. We’ve allowed this cultural disease of “pro-LGBTQ’ propaganda to influence the church, and now a lot of lost souls are out there promoting values that fly in the face of God.

God will remember those who attempted to turn others away from sin, and those who welcomed sin into the church. We should be welcoming of everyone, but that doesn’t mean we have to celebrate one’s sin in order to do so.

Pray for all churches. God is under attack.



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