U.S. Government Spots Mysterious Aircraft Leaving Iran with ‘No Callsign or Destination’

It has not been talked about much because I am certain people high up in the food chain want this to remain a secret, but a few short weeks ago several planes left Iran under mysterious circumstances.

A large number of Aircraft were caught leaving Iran “no callsign, origin, or destination” in what is being labeled as a mass exodus. This information was gathered and confirmed by an outside organization. A DC-based firm named Strategic Sentinel, that provides “nonpartisan international relations and national security analysis,” leaked the details.

The firm listed details and imagery on their Twitter feed to get it all out to the public as fast as they could.

“Charter flight company SCAT has an aircraft coming out of Iran with no registered callsign, no registered destination, and no registered origination point.”

Then they found 2 more mystery flights.

“This is in addition to two flights which are Iranian in origin with no callsign inside Iran: one from Iran Airtours and one from Iran Aseman Airlines. Both of these planes also have no callsign, no destination, and no origin, but are clearly landing in Tehran.”

Then they wondered if it was a “mass exodus?”

This is being swept under the rug and is very concerning. Who are the people on these planes and more important, where are they going? these are questions that nobody can seem to answer.



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