Trump Was Making A Speech Until He Saw Him In The Crowd, What He Did Next Left The Room Cheering

While President Trump is not the perfect President by any means, there are a few things he gets right all the time. And that’s anything regarding honoring our country, and the men and women who help make it great.

Trump was in the middle of sharing with the crowd on how many hispanics had received the Medal of Honor, the highest honor any member of the military can receive. Then something that never happens, happened. He let something interrupt his speech. He saw a Medal of Honor recipient in the audience and knew he had to honor them right then and there.

“Do you mind if I shake hands? I’ll interrupt our speech. I want to shake hands with somebody,”

“I heard you were here. I’m glad I got to meet you…”
WATCH: President Trump shakes hands with a Medal of Honor recipient at a Hispanic Heritage Month event at the White House. — Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) October 6, 2017

“That’s the big deal, thank you.”

Trump ran his campaign on making America great again. America can’t be great if we dishonor our troops and the wars they fight in.

Trump gets this idea, and it’s a foundation of his policy.

As Trump and America begin honoring those who fight for our freedom. America’s greatness will be restored. It’s inevitable.

Thank you President Trump for honoring our troops.

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