Trump Speech Interrupted By “USA!” Chants

President Donald Trump visited Pennsylvania Tuesday to talk to a packed stadium about the United States’ energy, and was welcomed like the celebrity he is.

“Today we celebrate the revolution of American energy that’s helping make our economy the envy of the world,”

President Trump touts to the cheering crowd of steel, manufacturing and energy workers. “USA! USA!” the workers chanted as Trump continued to praise the construction and other union workers gathered to see him speak.

The President went on to discuss his incredible appreciation for the quality and necessity of products labeled “MADE IN THE USA” with promises to increase this production and, more importantly, continue to increase jobs. This is a topic Trump has been breaking records with and does not seem likely to slow down his job creation. In his speech President Trump noted the fact that employment numbers for all groups are at record lows under his administration, and with guarantees to increase US manufacturing, unemployment numbers could get even lower.

Listen to the entire Pennsylvania speech here:

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