Today’s Impeachment Inquiry Hearing Reveals The Whole Thing Is A Sham

Not a single republican voted in favor of the impeachment inquiry passed on Thursday, confirming the belief that this is a totally partisan effort to remove President Donald Trump.

The left-wing spin machine talks about Democrats wanting to do “what’s best for Americans”, but removing a president isn’t exactly helping constituents in their day to day lives.

Throughout the hearing, Democrats kept saying that they “didn’t want to impeach” the president, but gosh darn it, they just feel it in their bones that they have to.

Then, Nancy Pelosi started slurring the preamble, and began lecturing the rest of the House on how it’s “not any cause for glee or comfort,” while her colleagues hoot and holler after they finish speaking. Again, democrats say one thing, while doing another.

“This is something very solemn. This is something very prayerful.”

Ok, I’ll bite… who is she praying to? Lucifer? Moloch?

She continues:

“We had to gather so much information to take us to this next step… I doubt anybody in this place comes to congress to impeach the president of the United States.”

What in the world is she talking about? Candidates were literally running on the platform of “Impeach The Mother ******!” How can she say that with a straight face?

One thing that made Nancy’s remarks even more absurd was the fact that she had the American Flag placed next to her. She just had someone put a flag up there next to her. Surely that was because she just loves America, and not because she wants to have a good photo.

The entire ordeal can be summed up in the following:

Republicans think it’s ridiculous that Democrats want to vote on these rules NOW Democrats are trying to convince everyone that they are doing this for the good of America, and not because their candidates in 2020 are weak.

I encourage you to watch the hearing for yourself and come to your own conclusions, but I’m very confident that you’ll end up agreeing with me. It’s all a sham:



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