Tim Tebow Posts Powerful Video, Shows Every American What Real Sacrifice Looks Like

Tim Tebow has accomplished more in his life than most Americans could even dream, but if you ask him he would tell you that it all pales in comparison to knowing the love of Christ.

The Heisman Trophy winning former NFL quarterback (and current professional baseball player) has always been a highly talked about individual, but time and time again he uses his platform to turn the attention to Jesus.

In a video released by his foundation, Tim Tebow likens knowing God to knowing that, no matter what the score of a game, ultimately you will win.

Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for us, and Tebow explains it perfectly.

“What we can’t understand in the midst of pain is that we serve a God who heals broken people,” he says at the beginning. “He sent His son down on this earth, and I can only imagine what kind of agony that caused Him.”

“He did that so that His Son could heal broken people.”

Tebow continues, saying that “God was broken and Jesus was broken so that we don’t have to be, and in the midst of our pain He can heal our brokenness.”

According to Tebow, when we know God we know that ultimately our lives end in triumph. Although it’s hard to see that when things are tough, it’s comforting to know that we serve a God who has our back, so long as we choose to follow Him.

“If we were playing in a game right now, and we were down by a huge margin, 50 to nothing in the middle of the game, in the first quarter, but we knew, we just knew that at the end we were going to have a miraculous comeback, how much confidence would we have?”

“How much excitement would we have knowing that, at some point in this game we’re winning?! That’s what we get in life!”

Tim acknowledges that it’s not easy being down “50 to nothing in the first quarter,” but he says that the beauty of knowing Jesus is that “at some point we win!”

Yes, there is a lot of pain and hurt in this world, but that isn’t because God is against us. On the contrary, God wants us to live a fulfilled life, and the reality is that’s only possible when we put our faith in Him. More than just a simple prayer, and going to church once in a while, a relationship with God demands that we serve Him, and His people. Only then will we experience the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

While we can often get bogged down on temporary moments of pain, Tebow says that “at some point, our MVP steps up, and balls out for us.”

That doesn’t mean it’s easy, and that doesn’t mean we can’t have moments of devastation, but it means we can look past our temporary pain. We can look through the feelings of hurt we are experiencing, and we can look into the hope that comes through Jesus.

Be blessed today, and know that God is on your side.



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