Three Killed In 8-Hour Span, Media Silent Because Shooters Don’t Fit Profile

Three lives were lost in a span of less than 8-hours in the city of St. Paul, Minnesota, but for some reason the media isn’t giving it 24/7 coverage in ways that they typically would.

The reason is easy to see: the shooter isn’t white. The leftists just LOVE reading about white murders (because they are statistically FAR less common), so therefor the leftist media devotes a lot of coverage to them.

White shooters get coverage because they make money for the CNN’s, HuffPo’s, and MSNBC’s of the world. These people don’t ACTUALLY care about people dying at the hands of other Americans. They just want to score points.

This comes from

A good Samaritan went to help people in a car crash Monday night in St. Paul and lost his life, police said.

Officers detained the 27-year-old St. Paul driver, who police said shot the 31-year-old man in the head.

It was the second of three homicides in an eight-hour span St. Paul on Monday and early Tuesday:

Between Labor Day on Sept. 2, and early Tuesday, there were five homicides in St. Paul. At least nine people have been injured in shootings since Aug. 30.

Police are investigating whether any of the incidents are connected.

“It’s certainly possible,” said Steve Linders, a St. Paul police spokesman. “It’s rare to see this type of violence in such a short period of time, so it’s possible they’re connected, but until we find the people responsible, we won’t know for sure.”

Long story short, there’s a lot of gang violence in the area, and the media doesn’t seem to cover that kind of violence the same was as, say, a crazy white kid from a fatherless home…

So, here we have people dying at the hands of Americans with a gun, but there are no cameras. You don’t have Amy Klobouchar all over CNN saying “this is f-ed up”. Why is that?

The narrative. The media is essentially a propaganda machine. They want to force feed the feeble minded some notion that it’s white people who are some sort of “threat”. FBI homicide rates would disagree.

The purpose of this entire piece is to highlight the fact that the left doesn’t care about people and communities falling victim to gun violence. They claim to, but the reality is that it’s merely rhetoric. They CLAIM to care, but fail to live up to their own words.

Conservatives on the other hand are pretty consistent when it comes to gun control: learn to control your gun. The person most capable of protecting you at the drop of a hat is you. So you better make sure you’re equipped.



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