This Tweet From Donald Trump Jr. Lends Credibility To Something Many Fear To Be True

The rumors of the Clinton’s true nature are so strong and validated from so many places, the only thing that keeps them in the realm of denial is that there’s no FBI indictment.

Historically it’s never been a good idea to do business with the Clintons. People who do so have a strange habit of falling into harm’s way, and by harms way, we mean dying prematurely.

Until that day comes, we’ll rely on this tweet from Donald Trump Jr. as sufficient evidence that the allegations are true.

Clinton confidant, Donna Brazile, writes in her new book, “Hacks,” about how she feared for her life after Seth Rich was murdered. Brazile, who was the interim head at the DNC was very rattled by Rich’s death. And she went to great lengths to insure that the same thing would not happen to her. She even shut her blinds at night to dissuade sniper fire. And she actually installed surveillance cameras, because she believed Russians were spying on her.

Seth’s murder is still unsolved, but her actions make one wonder what she really knows about the events that lead up to his death. If it were a random murder, why be so scared?

Her fear, betrays her. And people who cross the Clintons catch a quick case of suicide without a moment’s notice. Seth Rich turned up dead, and then Shawn Lucas died as well. Shawn was the person who served former DNC head, Debbie Wasserman Shultz papers for fraud.

Mr. Lucas found out quickly, what happens to those who cross the Clintons,

Donald Trump Jr. isn’t law enforcement, but his Father is the President. You would think that he’s privy to information we, the general public are not.

His tweet also proves that these sorts of things are definitely discussed and known about at higher levels, and we’d have to presume that they have access to much more information than we do.

Who else will come forward to corroborate what many seem to already know?

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