This Is Why You Don’t Steal Grandma’s Parking Spot

Imagine sitting in a mall parking lot around Christmas time.

You’ve been driving around trying to find a spot, but haven’t found any luck. It’s crowded, you’re hungry, and you just want to run in and pick up a couple things.

Then, it appears. You see someone return to their car, and you flip on the turn signal to let everyone know “this is my spot.”

You patiently wait for the person to back out, when out of nowhere some jerk decides to cut you off and take your spot! Worse than that, they have the audacity to wave at you, acknowledging that they knew it was your spot, and they took it anyway. Heartless monsters…

What do you do? Take a few seconds to calm down? Do you take deep breaths and drive off? Maybe. Or, you could be like this lady, and take justice into your own hands.

While violence is never the answer, sometimes it just feels good. Thus, why I will never steal granny’s parking spot, like this guy did:

Seriously, what was that guy thinking? Did he not see she had been waiting there? Doth he not have the common decency to acknowledge when someone flips on their blinker, and waits for a spot to open up?

Personally, I’m glad this lady beat this dude’s windshield to smithereens. There was something quite satisfying about watching her do what I am afraid of doing.

Not all heroes wear capes.


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