‘The View’ Hosts Tell Meghan McCain “Trump Won’t Be Re-Elected”, She Makes Them Re

Where do we even start here, The View, need I say more. It’s no shock to anyone that this tv show is one filled with constant arguing, and heated fights between its co-stars. Maybe that’s why people watch it, to sit there and watch grown women acts like children.

With all the unrest between the Political Parties lately, you can imagine there has been some great debates going on between the Democrat base and the Republican base on the show. This recent episode just went on to prove just how differently these ladies are in their views.

It was brought into question on Tuesday’s show, whether or not the American people understand socialism, and what all it actually involved. That’s when co-host Meghan McCain declared that Democratic socialists are the reason President Trump is going to get re-elected in 2020.

You can imagine this didn’t sit well with her co-hosts, especially Joy Behar, who isn’t a stranger to throwing a tantrum when someone disagrees with her.

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The ladies discussion turned into Joy Behar wondering if Americans understand the meaning of socialism, in which Meghan McCain quickly responded back to, stating “People are smart.” Behar quickly shot back at McCain, saying that she “disagrees socialism is a “bad thing” ahead of 2020.”

You could tell McCain was feeling attacked with no backup on Tuesday as she outwardly expressed: “I miss Whoopi when she’s not here,”

McCain continued to make her point saying: “I’m just trying to explain to you the other side … and why Democratic Socialists could be leading you toward the path of Trump getting re-elected. Instead, I’m told I don’t understand what Democratic Socialism is. I assure you, Joy, I do.”

Behar then tried to claim that former President Barack Obama’s Presidency was “completely scandal-free,”

Which then did nothing more that have McCain point out how his Presidency was full of controversy and scandal of its own. She then went on to say that’s how Trump ended up elected in the first place.

McCain stated: “I’m telling you. It is how we got Trump and it’s how you’re going to re-elect him,” McCain said. “And when he’s re-elected, which at this point, I believe he is going to be, I hope you’ll listen to the points that I have given you.”

McCain is incredibly right, and most Americans do understand Socialism, and that’s why we will fight to elect Trump again, and fight to keep Socialism out of our Country.

Check out the full debate in the video below.

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