The Mass Shooting The Media Refuses To Talk About

Witnesses of a mass shooting in Sumter, South Carolina compare the scene to a “warzone”, but for some reason it went unreported by the mass media.

25-year old Ozzy Mooneyham opened fire on individuals at an apartment complex around 7:30 Monday morning, according to police, and continued on a shooting spree that ended at a local tire shop.

Here’s a look at the suspect, Ozzy Mooneyham. @wis10 — Caroline Hecker (@CHecker_WIS) October 21, 2019

Mooneyham, a male, used to go by the name Mindi, when he was a female. Oh, and he is black. Oh, and the police apprehended him. That’s probably why you didn’t hear about this…

This is what the local NBC affiliate, WIS, bravely published:

Calls to 911 came in from the Chestnut Pointe Apartments, alleging someone was shooting randomly at people. Later, police learned one woman was allegedly shot by Mooneyham and drove herself to the hospital.

While at the apartments, Mooneyham also fired at an off-duty Sumter County Sheriff’s Office deputy who was standing in the balcony of his building.

Then, police said around 7:45 a.m. Mooneyham arrived at Palmetto Tire and Auto, shooting three employees standing behind the counter with a .22 caliber rifle.

Officials said the three victims — two men and a woman — were transported to the hospital. The conditions of the victims are currently unknown, but the police chief said he expects them to survive.

Police have said the shooting was in no way gang related, and that Mooneyham merely wanted to “create chaos and cause harm to innocent people in our community.”

“There is no other way to describe this than an active shooter situation,” said Sumter Police Chief Russell Roark.

Those who were there were able to share their experiences, saying they were able to hear the “pop pop pop” of the gun as Mooneyham drove down the road.

“I was under the hood of a vehicle over there with the service manager and we heard pop, pop, pop, pop…it sounded like fire crackers going off,” said Michael Lucente, who was working on a car in the driveway of the business when Mooneyham walked in. “When he walked out we saw him and we saw the AK in his hand and we put two and two together. When he got in the car, he stared right at the service manager right in his eyes and I suspect he was out of ammunition because if he wasn’t, he probably would have shot him too.”

Josh Robinson, a mechanic at the shop, had just gotten back from test driving a vehicle, and thought Mooneyham had skipped on his bill. So, he chased after him.

“My manager kept yelling at me to chase this car, I kind of figured he might have walked out on a bill or stole a car or something,” said Robinson. “I chased him all the way to Pike Road where he pulled into a mattress store that was closed, I blocked him in, I knocked on his window and he rolled it down with a rifle pointed at me and I asked him if he’d just been at Palmetto Auto and Tire and he said yes and rolled the window back up.”

Police were able to track down Mooneyham, and arrested him at a traffic stop.

This little tidbit comes from

The suspect was named by the chief as Ozzy Alexander Mooneyham. The chief said Mooneyham was previously named Mindi Mooneyham. The chief did not explain the name change. “There is no connection between he and his victims,” the chief said. “There’s some people he shot at and missed. Unfortunately, there are four people he shot at and struck. These individuals were minding their own business in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Police say multiple weapons were found in Mooneyham’s car, including a .22-caliber rifle with an extended magazine, which police believe was used in both shootings. Mooneyham had legally purchased the gun, Roark said.

In addition to seven counts of attempted murder, Mooneyham is charged with two counts of presenting a weapon during a violent crime and two counts of pointing and presenting a weapon.

The police are continuing to investigate the shooting, although they believe Mooneyham acted alone.



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