The Facts About the Whistleblower Complaint

Anyone paying even peripheral attention to this congressional hearing of the Director of National Intelligence can see without a doubt that the Democrats aren’t looking for the truth or justice. They’re simply looking to put an asterisk next to President Trump’s name in history. They repeatedly asked Director Joseph Maguire questions, they claimed only required a yes or no answer, and when the Director attempted to give some context, they continuously cut him off and demanded an answer. This, in my opinion, is clearly theater designed to make Trump look criminal. The more Director Maguire pushed for his right to elaborate, the more the Democratic Congressmen and women attempted to make him look derelict in his duties, and possibly even paint him in a partisan light.

So here are the facts as explain by Director Maguire. The President of The United States isn’t officially apart of the intelligence community. Therefore The Director of National Intelligence has no responsibility over the office. According to the director, that makes this instance a very unique situation in which the director was unsure how to proceed. He went to The United States legal counsel for advice on whether or not bringing this complaint to the comity would breach executive privilege, and thus, breach his duties as director. The United States Legal Counsel happens to be physically located within The White House, but doesn’t work directly under The President as some Democratic Congressmen and women were trying to imply. The Legal Counsel advised Directed Maguire that executive privilege was in play in this complaint, and not wanting to break any rules or laws himself, The Director decided that waiting until executive privilege was determined was his best option. As of Wednesday, September 25th, President Trump released the transcripts of his conversation with President Poroshenko of The Ukraine, making it, at that point, without question legal for Director Maguire to bring the complaint amongst the Congressional Comity.

These constant attacks on The President, simply because the DNC is still embarrassed that they lost the 2016 Presidential Election, is going to change the face of politics forever, regardless of whether they move forward with impeachment or not. A new precedent has been set that the position of President is no longer required to receive any government official’s respect. The two sides of the aisle are already the most polarized that they’ve ever been in history. Moving forward, a President of either party will get insulted, attacked, and threatened with legal action for anything he or she would want to get done that other’s disagree with, which, at this point in history, is virtually anything at all. People already fear that nothing ever gets done, but now its going to reach new heights. President Trump’s critics and political foes have already forever diminished the office, and will continue to do so, under any price, including dragging through the mud the names of good people just trying to do their jobs, if that job goes against their personal wishes. It seems that we’ve hit a brick wall in politics only a complete overhaul of government or a revolution can bust through.



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