That Time Obama Said Russia Wasn’t A Big Deal

Every day it seems like democrats, and the liberal media are trying to link the president to Russian collusion, but now we see that they were the ones dealing with Moscow all along.

For years they thought they could get away with duping the American people, but now that facts are coming to light, and silences are being broken, their secrets are no longer safe.

Democrats have been in cahoots with Russia. That is simply a fact at this point, but to what extent did they work with Moscow, and for how long?

During the 20012 election, then-candidate Barack Obama ridiculed republican nominee Mitt Romney for making the claim that Russia was a threat to the United States.

“The 1980’s are now calling,” Obama joked. “[They’re] asking for their foreign policy back.”

HA HA HA! Golly, that Barry O is a funny guy. The former president made headlines for that zinger at the time, but now it might bite him in his mom-jean wearing ass.

Of course Obama didn’t think Russia was a threat at the time. As we are now discovering, several members of the democratic party had been working with Russia in their effort to obtain American uranium.

Now that the democrats are no longer in power, they are using Russia as their scapegoat for their own political shortcomings.

Rather than realize that middle America is tired of the left’s sense of entitlement, they attempt to shift the blame onto others. Instead of admitting they ran a poor candidate, they say that Russians used Facebook ads to steal the election. They think you, me, and everyone else in the country is THAT stupid.

Remember, these are the folks who said Benghazi happened because of a YouTube video. Hillary Clinton took to the podium, and lied to all of us saying that terrorists attacked because of an internet video. Because she, and the rest of her ilk, think we are morons. All of us.

During Obama’s time in office the FBI was well aware of Russia’s attempt to gain influence in the United State’s uranium market. Obama knew that Russia was bribing politicians, and those with influence, but he did nothing about it. In fact, he insulted anyone who dared to say Russia was our enemy.

Now that democrats have lost control, they are singing a completely different tune, but why? Obviously they want to demonize the president, but now they just look stupid.

There’s a reason the left keeps trying to tie Trump to Russia. They are trying to distance themselves as far as they can from Russia, but the truth will not be silenced!




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