Texas’ New Gun Laws Go Into Effect TODAY

Like every other time a white person dies at the hands of a shooter, the gun control advocates are out in full force.

They say they don’t want to take our guns, while using data from countries that don’t allow guns to state their case. We see through the nonsense. I just wish they were aware of that.

While even the president seems to be willing to cave to these folks, the great state of Texas has people who realize we will never get shootings down to zero, and we don’t want to be statistics.

Think about this: how many victims of a mass shooting had a gun on them at the time? I’m willing to bet that most of them don’t. Like, 99.9% of them don’t.

The left views gun control, for better or worse, as a way to lower the number of mass shootings. The right views gun ownership as a way to protect oneself from aforementioned mass shootings, as well as a host of other potential threats: burglars, muggers, rapists, etc.

Texas legislators don’t want their constituents to fall victim to gun violence, which is why they passed bills allowing for licensed gun owners to store their firearms away at school, and increasing the number of armed police officers on campuses.

Other bills going into effect soon are House Bills 302, and 1177. The former prohibits landlords from restricting gun ownership rights from tenants, and the latter allows for people to carry handguns during a natural disaster.

Senate Bill 535 allows for citizens to carry firearms into a place of worship, which comes just two years after the deadly mass shooting in Sutherland Springs.

Here is a list of the new laws going into effect Sept. 1.

HB 121 — Relating to a defense to prosecution for the offense of trespass by certain persons carrying handguns. Provides a defense for License To Carry holders who unknowingly enter establishments that prohibit guns with signage if the LTC holder promptly leaves the property after being asked.

HB 302 — Relating to the carrying, storage, or possession of a firearm or firearm ammunition by certain persons on certain residential or commercial property. Prohibits residential lease agreements from restricting the possession of firearms by residents or their guests.

HB 1143 — Relating to the transportation or storage of a handgun or other firearm or ammunition by a handgun license holder in a school parking area. Updates the Texas Education Code to prevent school districts from regulating the manner in which a licensed person’s handgun, firearm, or ammunition is stored in their vehicle in a school parking area.

HB 1177 — Relating to carrying a handgun during a state of disaster. Prevents citizens from being charged with a crime for carrying a handgun without a License To Carry while evacuating from a declared state or local disaster area, or while returning to that area. Also gives disaster shelters the option to accommodate evacuees with firearms.

HB 1387 — Relating to the number of school marshals that may be appointed to serve on a public school campus or at a private school. Loosens restrictions on how many armed school marshals a school district or the governing body of an open-enrollment charter school may appoint.

HB 1791 — Relating to the carrying of handguns by license holders on property owned or leased by a governmental entity. Updates language in the Texas Government Code related to the carrying of firearms on property owned or leased by a government entity.

HB 2363 — Relating to permitting certain foster homes to store firearms and ammunition in the same locked location. Updates specifications for how foster parents may store their firearms in a foster home.

SB 535 — Relating to the carrying of a handgun by a license holder on the premises of certain places of religious worship. Clarifies the Texas Penal Code by removing “a church, synagogue, or other established place of religious worship” from the list of prohibited locations for carrying a firearm in order to make it clear that places of worship are to be treated the same as other private property when determining whether a license holder may carry on premises.

SB 741 — Relating to restrictive covenants regarding firearms or firearm ammunition. Prohibits a property owners association from prohibiting or restricting the possession, transportation, or storage of a firearm or ammunition. Also prohibits restrictions on the lawful discharge of a firearm.

God Bless this big beautiful state of mine.



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