Supreme Court Rejects Case Of Christian Student Forced To Participate In Islamic Conversion Prayer

The highest court in the land has rejected the case of the Maryland teen who refused to participate in a lesson on Islam, and received a failing grade.

Maryland High School student Caleigh Wood said that she was assigned to write out the Islamic conversion prayer that states “… there is no god but Allah,” but she refused, claiming it violated her faith.

Richard Thompson, president and chief counsel of Thomas More Law Center, which filed the petition on Wood’s behalf said, “The schools are promoting Islam over Christianity or any other religion, and you have a double standard, which we think is a violation of the establishment clause.”

“I’m not aware of any public school which has forced a Muslim student to write the Lord’s Prayer or John 3:16: ‘For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.’”

Thompson isn’t wrong. I attended school not long ago, and I can recall the lessons on Islam, and going over the “pillars”. I don’t recall ever going over the Holy Trinity…

Wood also said that she was subjected to presentations that said things like “Most Muslims’ faith is stronger than the average Christian”. The court ruled that this kind of language did not violate any laws, despite the fact it can’t be proven… Unlike suicide bombings, which is a predominantly Muslim thing… and can be proven.

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Thompson went on to say, “Yet, under the pretext of teaching history or social studies, public schools across America are promoting the religion of Islam in ways that would never be tolerated for Christianity or any other religion. It’s disappointing that the Supreme Court did not take this opportunity to clarify the test which lower courts should use when ruling on establishment clause and free speech challenges to public school classes on religion.”

Wood was given an assignment that went against her faith. That’s the issue here. Of course, the left-wing institution known as the public education system doesn’t care about the Christian population. No, they’d rather support an ideology that has people throwing gays off of roofs. They want to support a religion that tells women to stay covered.

Thompson added: “Many public schools have become hot beds of Islamic propaganda. Teaching Islam in schools has gone far beyond a basic history lesson. Prompted by zealous Islamic activism and emboldened by confusing court decisions, schools are now bending over backwards to promote Islam while at the same time denigrating Christianity.”

“Although the Supreme Court passed up an opportunity to provide clearer constitutional guidance on this important issue, there will be other chances as this issue isn’t going away anytime soon,” he said.

One thing that isn’t mentioned in most of these lessons is the fact that Muhammad was a warlord who married children. I imagine the views of his religion wouldn’t be as popular if people knew the history of the man.

This begs the question, have you asked your kids what they are learning in history?



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