South Park Directors Humiliate NBA In “Apology” To China

According to Emmy Award winning creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, China needs to learn a thing or two about having some “tegridy.”

The South Park creators have released an official “apology” to China for their most recent episode titled “Banned in China.” The episode, aptly named, poked fun at the many things that China’s outrageous censorship laws have outlawed in the communist country.

Ranging from freedom of speech all the way to Winnie the Pooh, the South Park gang doesn’t hold their criticisms back. Hilariously, this episode managed to get the entire show banned in the country of China, living true to its name.

According to CNN, “This isn’t the first time seemingly harmless content has become forbidden in China. After people online compared Winnie the Pooh and Tigger to Chinese President Xi Jinping and former President Barack Obama in 2017, the honey-loving teddy bear was banned from China’s cyberspace.” Following the news, along with the news that the NBA chose to support China and condemn one of their own for endorsing democracy, South Park released an official apology that definitely isn’t fake at all.

Watch the full episode – article – — South Park (@SouthPark) October 7, 2019

It’s a crazy world that we live in when South Park is our last line of defense against censorship. As China becomes a bigger market and companies, especially those in tech, begin to do more work there, these censorship laws are going to become an even bigger problem.

We have already seen a number of times where social media companies like Facebook and Twitter have had to decide between making more money in a growing market or refusing to censor their content. In fact, this was one of the main questions asked to Google by the US Judiciary Committee. These tech giants have enough power to change markets, influence opinion, and even alter elections. How long do we really trust them to put freedom above their desire to grow into the communist China market?

Like it or not, somehow South Park’s creators are acting as heroes fighting against censorship while it inches closer and closer to us in the United States.

Here’s a clip explaining the ban South Park has experienced:

Watch full episodes of the show here!


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