Soldier’s Widow Posts Heartbreaking News After Trumps Phone Call With Her Was Released By The

Unless you are in the military or know someone who is, you cannot begin to understand the pain a family goes through when one of their beloved Soldiers gets killed while serving.

Sadly the mainstream media has made a mess of this by constantly lying and attacking President Trump. It makes things even harder for the military families affected by a loss.

Natasha de Alencar, the widow of SSgt. Marc de Alencar shares with us what they go through from the moment they get the heartbreaking news that they lost someone.

Natasha de Alencar and Sgt. Mark de Alencar.

“A lot of people say they are sorry and it will get better. But no one knows it like a person that got that knock on the door.”

She continued:

I’m six months into this almost and I still have my moments, from a smell to a restaurant. If we stick together and maybe just lean on one another, maybe we can be ok. And I just want them to know that.

Since the loss of her husband, Natasha has been reaching out to other families who have gone through the pain of a loss as well.

Here’s what she had to say about dealing with loss and pain.

While we can’t all be there for the families of a fallen soldier, we can do our best to show our love and respect for them. If you see a Soldier or a family who has suffered a loss, let them know you care. Show them you care and that their service to our great nation did not go unnoticed.

Soldiers carry the casket of a soldier to his final resting place.

God bless our troops and thank you for your service!




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