Shocking New Evidence Has Just Leaked, Proves Hillary Clinton Rigged The Nomination

Last year Bernie Sanders claimed the the DNC rigged the nomination for Hillary Clinton and people did not believe him. Well it looks like the cat is out of the bag and former Clinton friend and interim party boss Donna Brazile claims to have ‘proof’ that the nomination was in fact, rigged.

In an editorial for Politico Brazile wrote:

“I had promised Bernie when I took the helm of the Democratic National Committee after the convention that I would get to the bottom of whether Hillary Clinton’s team had rigged the nomination process, as a cache of emails stolen by Russian hackers and posted online had suggested,”

She continued;

“By Sept. 7, the day I called Bernie, I had found my proof and it broke my heart.”

Fox news reports;

The proof, according to Brazile, was a joint fundraising agreement document between the DNC, the Hillary Victory Fund and Hillary for America. It had been signed in August 2015, four months after Clinton announced her candidacy and a year before she officially secured the nomination over Sanders.

Brazile further explained her proof.

“The agreement—signed by Amy Dacey, the former CEO of the DNC, and Robby Mook with a copy to Marc Elias—specified that in exchange for raising money and investing in the DNC, Hillary would control the party’s finances, strategy, and all the money raised.” Her campaign had the right of refusal of who would be the party communications director, and it would make final decisions on all the other staff.”

And that’s it folks. Looks like crooked Hillary is finally getting exposed. Will anyrthing happen to her because of this? I highly doubt it.




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