She Said “I Don’t Have A Reason To Smile”, Steve Harvey’s Response Was Straight From God

When this woman needed a reason to smile, Steve Harvey’s response left the entire audience cheering.

In addition to his legacy of laughter, Steve Harvey is also known for his bright smile. So when an audience member asked the 58-year-old comedian the secret to his smile, he gave God all the glory!

Unlike most celebrities, Steve Harvey has never been afraid to talk about his faith. The woman explained she had struggled to smile her entire life and that she needed a reason to smile.

“You think you need a reason to smile? Do you know why I smile all the time? Cause I’m grateful!” Harvey responded.

“I’m just glad God let me wake up again…. Smile!” Harvey continued. “When you wake up, do you understand you’re in the bonus round? You’re alive, you’re healthy, you got your strength, you got another shot, your dreams are gonna come true someday. Be excited about that… practice smiling!”

Watch his inspirational message right now…

This video made my day! Thank you, Steve Harvey, for always shining the Lord’s light in a world full of darkness.




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