Rudy Giuliani Debunks Democrat Talking Point, Wasn’t Even Investigating Biden’s Corrupti

Democrats have done a good job shaping the narrative surrounding President Trump and Ukraine, and the media has gone along with it. Fortunately there’s a crazy New York lawyer who isn’t afraid to call them out on their bullsh*t.

As it stands, democrats would like for you to believe that President Trump has been having members of his administration investigate Joe Biden, his son, and their involvement in Ukraine. According to Giuliani, nothing could be further from the truth.

When pressed by former Clinton (Bill) campaign head George Stephanopoulos on ABC Sunday’s “This Week”, Giuliani said he was never told to investigate Joe Biden.

“Did I ask the Chinese government [about the billion dollars given to Hunter Biden’s employer]? No. It’s not my… If I did that, you could truly say I was investigating Joe Biden. I’m not investigating Joe Biden.

I fell upon Joe Biden when investigating how the Ukrainians were conspiring with the Hillary campaign… I also support everything I’ve been saying with affidavits.”

Stephanopoulos went on to play defense for Biden, claiming that everyone knew the international role Biden was playing in regards to the removal of a Ukrainian prosecutor. Of course, Giuliani wasn’t having that.

“He’s [the “corrupt” prosecutor Biden had fired] not very good at corruption, because he’s very poor. The prosecutor who tanked the case on Biden is driving around in a Bentley.”

The exchange continues for quite some time, but the interesting thing to note is how George treats his guest. He actually PUSHES BACK, something you don’t typically see when a democrat goes on and makes baseless accusations based on hearsay.

Of course, the democrats went ahead and subpoenaed Giuliani based on the hearsay whistleblower, but me-thinks this is a can of worms they don’t want opened… And that’s obvious by the fact that democrats don’t want him to testify, but merely give up any documents he might have that makes them look dirty…



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