Rep. Dan Crenshaw and Chip Roy Visited The Border, Here’s What They Say We Need

There has been quite a bi of speculation as to whether the border walls were really needed or not, and people have been doubting President Trump’s account of what he sees when he goes to visit the border. Now, why people feel the need to question the President is beyond me, but there are other people going and seeing the same things.

In a recent trip to the border, Texas Republican Representatives, Dan Crenshaw and Chip Roy took a tour around the Southern border with some U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents. They came back from their trip, and they both unanimously agreed that physical barriers are needed to secure the border.

Crenshaw went on with Fox News about what he saw going on, and what his thoughts were on the whole subject. He stated at one point in the interview that his biggest takeaway from the trip is that “walls work.” I couldn’t agree more sir.

Biggest takeaway from my trip to the border: walls work. There's a reason our border patrol agents request physical barriers – they help them accomplish the very difficult mission we ask them to do. — Rep. Dan Crenshaw (@RepDanCrenshaw) February 2, 2019

We know Crenshaw had a rough start to his campaign before he was elected thanks to critics talking badly about the War Veterans wounds, but Crenshaw rose about the talk and has been doing a great job since being elected.

Crenshaw went on also saying: “Do walls work? The answer is very clearly yes. That’s exactly what we’re seeing.”

Then on Sunday, Roy went on Fox & Friends and told them what they at the border was “shocking.”

Roy told Fox and Friends that: “One thing you know for sure is that the cartels have operational control of our southern border, particularly along the Rio Grande valley sector,”

I spent 2 days with the Border Patrol @CBP @USBPChief down in the Rio Grande Valley. I learned a lot. 1) Fences and infrastructure work. 2) Dangerous cartels have operational control of our border. 3) Any real fix must address the asylum problem. @Foxandfriends @PeteHegseth — Rep. Chip Roy (@RepChipRoy) February 3, 2019

Roy went on to say how the Cartel are not only making money by trafficking drugs, but they were also seen trafficking other human beings as well. Talk about a sad state of affairs. When people are sold like cattle, this world is still struggling to find a way to save them all, but sadly there will always be evil in this world, but we must fight it, and protect ourselves from it as best as possible.

Roy stated in his interview:

“It’s unconscionable that we as a nation, the most powerful nation the world has ever known, are allowing this to happen in our back yard where these little girls, these kids, are getting exploited by cartels as they move through the Rio Grande Valley. The idea that fencing doesn’t work is completely silly, and the Border Patrol knows it, and they’re begging us, literally begging us, to come down and give them the resources they need — more agents, fencing, cameras — so they can do their jobs.”

Roy also had some words about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and he’s not wrong in his assessment.

“The speaker of the House is embarrassing herself. She should get her head out of her rear end and stop ignoring what’s happening on our southern border so that we can protect American citizens and protect the migrants who seek to come here.”

Hopefully those opposing the border wall come to their senses and see the bigger picture here, instead of continuing to argue like children who don’t get their way. Here’s hoping the Government stays open after February 15th.




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