Rapper Claims Tebow “Took A Knee” To Protest Anthem, His Response Set The Internet On Fi

Tim Tebow has not played a game in the NFL since 2012, but that does not seem to stop rumors from swirling on the internet. Recently someone tried to claim that Tebow used to take a knee during the National Anthem by resurfacing an old photo of him “Tobowing” from 2011.

USA Today has reported that, “Tebow has seen the photo floating around on social media and isn’t happy that people are misrepresenting his kneeling as a formal protest.”

Tim Tebow was quick to respond but not before it went viral and even some famous people had shared it.

According to The Score, rapper T.I. reposted the photo of Tebow kneeling on Instagram with a caption that accused the NFL of a double standard for overlooking Tebow’s so-called “anthem protests.” The caption in the reposted photo states that Tebow knelt in protest of abortion laws.

The caption reads…

Again… this is about equality!!! Holding America to the same standards of treatment no matter the color of your skin. Why does the NFL think so highly of Tebow when he knelt but thought so little of @kaepernick7 & others when they did it??? It’s this type of hypocrisy we face every day. This is why we protest… to receive the same consideration as the white citizens of this nation. That’s why it’s #USorELSE

Tebow was quick to respond and made it clear why he was kneeling.

Tebow clarified to USA Today’s Josh Peter that his kneeling was always for religious reasons.

“I think that’s sometimes one of the things that’s a little bit sad is sometimes people will just try to create something that had zero truth. I never did anything during a national anthem but stand and support my country. And then stories can get written and they can get put out of proportion so that you believe one thing when you’re asking me a question that was nothing that was part of the truth.”

Tebow added that it’s very frustrating and deceptive when people misrepresent photos of him kneeling as a touchdown celebration.

“It was never something I did to take away from somebody else. It was just something I did with a personal relationship with my God. So I think that’s just sometimes disappointing when things get taken away from the truth and then it’s just created into whatever somebody wants it to be.”

So what does Tim Tebow really think of all the kneeling during the National Anthem?

While Tebow would never protest during the national anthem, he took the Christian path and offered no criticism for those who do.

“I think when people believe in something and they stand for that, I don’t knock them for that,’’ he said. “Even if I agree with some or disagree with some, I appreciate it when people have convictions and they stand for that.

“I think it’s important how we do that as well. So I think there’s a lot of players that I’m friends with that have been on both sides and I understand it and I think what’s more important is to know their heart and where they’re coming from and where the conviction stands in their heart and what they really want to share.”




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