Public Education Is A Threat To Freedom

Bold claim, right? Well, we spend more than any other country on education, but what do we have to show for it?

We’ve been told that public education is an inherent good, mostly by those who have either been through the system, or are part of it. But if you really think about it, public education’s failures have led to a rise in socialism (among a host of other degenerate behavior being tolerated).

If public schools were really interested in educating young people, they would teach them the history of governments routinely taking rights from people. They would learn about how the government has rounded up citizens of Japanese decent. They would understand that sometimes, corruption happens. Basically, students would learn that government should not always be trusted. Unfortunately, the opposite is happening.

Yes, young people today have been brainwashed into thinking that the government is always on their side, and never does anything nefarious. They believe the government’s job is to play caretaker, feeding and clothing all of its citizens. This can only be explained by one thing: government run education.

Those in power want to remain in power. That’s a simple concept that most can understand. So, let’s apply that logic to those at the top of our education system. Remember, the government established the Department of Education under Jimmy Carter, and since then the shots have been called from D.C.

Before I go any further, let me state that I don’t believe evil people are in charge of our education system, quite the opposite. I believe the people who go into education want to help young people learn. However, some lessons are clearly getting left out of lesson plans, and this is causing kids to think “hey, maybe this socialism thing is okay”.

While it’s easy to joke “oh, these kids are just young, and haven’t paid taxes yet,” the reality is kids are starting to believe they are entitled to the labor of others. This lack of critical thinking can only be explained by… the place the kids are supposed to be taught critical thinking: school.

I can hear the cries already…

“Why would a country want to have dumb people?”

The rich and powerful don’t want us dumb. They want us “smart enough”. Just, not to the point where we start thinking for ourselves.

As more and more liberties are encroached upon it’s becoming apparent that the school system isn’t teaching young people self reliance. Kids aren’t being equipped to handle life outside of a classroom. They are being given lesson plans, and then encouraged to believe that the government’s job is to take care of everyone’s needs.

Take the climate change “walk out” or whatever they did a few weeks ago as an example. These kids protested for the government to do something about a problem that everyone contributes to.

Rather than doing something like cleaning a park, or turning off the power for a while, or literally anything that would’ve actually made a difference, they marched for the government to do something. And they were encouraged to do so by (drum roll) their TEACHERS!

To sum it up: Kids are too stupid today to realize they can solve problems, and I blame the government ran schools.

I feel like I do one of these a week, but I’m just tired of seeing our kids get objectively dumber by the year. If teaching LGBTQ sex ed wasn’t enough, maybe this will convince parents to think twice about sending their kids to glorified daycare…. er, I mean public school.

If not, we may soon be living in a country with a government that can tell you where to work, where to live, the list goes on. Once we start giving up freedoms, we risk losing all of them.



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