Protester Yells In Town Hall On Gun Control, Ted Cruz’s Instant Reply Gets A Standing Ovation

Ted Cruz was speaking at an event today in Amarillo, Texas when a Beto O’Rourke supporter tried to shame him. Someone was in the crowd filming and managed to capture the moment right after Ted Cruz had the best comeback ever.

Here’s how the exchange went right before the crowd erupts in applause.

Beto O’Rourke protester starts yelling in town hall on gun control.

A Texas man in the crowd said, “Come and take it!”

The Beto supporter then shouted, “We will!”

Immediately after Ted Cruz replied, “That exchange right there is what this whole campaign is about!

Then the crowd explodes in applause. Watch this!

Beto O’Rourke protester yelling in town hall on gun control. Texan man- “Come and take it!” Beto guy, “We will!” Then @tedcruz said, That exchange right there is what this whole campaign is about! Crowd explodes. #2A — Emily Miller (@EmilyMiller) August 29, 2018

The internet didn’t take long to react, and they were just as good.

.@BetoORourke supporter shouting liberal talking points at the Amarillo @tedcruz event, & Ted is using each as an example of O’Rourke’s loopy leftist policies: On guns, #CruzCrew audience shouts “Come & Take It” – O’Rourke supporter shouts “WE WILL!” #Clarity — Bryan English (@BE_1776) August 29, 2018

Ted Cruz wins this round and the heckler gets zero points.



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