President Trump Stuns America When He Stops Motorcade and Jumps Out To Thank Firefighters

A couple dozen firefighters were left nearly speechless as Trump’s motorcade was approaching, and suddenly stopped.

Trump, in his car named (The Beast) was approached by a couple of Secret Service men, whom may or may not have been trying to discourage him from getting out. Or simply just checking the surroundings.

One firefighter was watching the motorcade and filming as it approached, he can be heard saying;” No, he’s not…!” and then is heard laughing nervously.

Trump then climbs out of his car, applauding the firefighters as he walked up and said; “”Thank you, men, thank you,” Trump says as he shakes their hands, going down the line. The firefighter filming the video says, “That’s awesome!”

Afterwards Trump gathers the firefighters together telling them to; “c’mon”, for a group photo in which he gives the thumb’s up. Others grabbed some quick selfies before the President got back in his car and continued on his way.

This video was shot back in June, but has since resurfaced and gained a lot of attention over the past few days.




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