President Trump declares victory over Pelosi in speech that will surprise the nation

With all the back and forth between Government leaders, it’s nice to see at least some form of civility going on right now. After a 35 day Government shutdown ,and doubts of whether the annual State of the Union Address would actually be held, or if it would happen at all, they have announced there will be a State of the Union speech after all.

President Donald Trump, who has been going back and forth with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have finally agreed that President Trump will give the annual State of the Union address, on February 5th.

This comes after Pelosi’s postponement of the event from January 29th due to the partial government shutdown. At least that is what a spokesman for Pelosi stated on Monday.

What is so important about this speech, for those who don’t know, the annual State of the Union speech is given by the current running President, it outlines the current administration’s priorities for the year to come. It’s a really important part of keeping the American people in the know of what they are working to accomplish ove rthe next term year.

Pelosi had tried her best to block this from happening at all until the Government shutdown was over, but President Trump was talking about having it in Congress instead of the House. But, given the temporary re-opening of the Government, Pelosi put hr childish ambitions aside it seems, for once, and did the right thing.

Now hopefully she will do the right thing in continuing negotiations.



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