POTUS Isn’t Putting Up With The Democrats’ “Racist” Garbage Anymore

Don Lemon, like every other person in the media, says President Trump is a racist.

He’s said it for years, and I’m sure he believes it, but we all know better. We don’t all fall in line with the groupthink the media perpetuates.

In his address to the nation following the tragic shootings that took place over the weekend, the president specifically called out racism, and the dangers of white supremacy. You know, the thing that people like Don Lemon have been calling for him to do for a while now?

Well, he did it. In front of the entire world. Here, I’ll show you:


But no, Don Lemon says that the president’s words “ring hollow”. Dude, what the #### do you want?

We all know this is how the game is played. The media says “the president needs to do this”, he does it, and then they bitch that he didn’t do enough! It’s absolutely exhausting.

When will we say “enough is enough”? Trump was elected in large part because he didn’t put up with the media spin and BS. Unfortunately, it looks as though he is caving into the gun-control crowd’s demands.

This is something the media should be praising the president for, according to their own rules. President Trump said that he wanted to look into passing red flag laws that could potentially violate the second amendment.


Yet, all we hear is “racist” this, and “white supremacy” that.

People like Don Lemon are doing a disservice to those who look to them for information. This crap isn’t information. This isn’t anything that is going to help people in their day to day lives. No, this is just a bunch of talking heads whining because they lost, and can’t move on.

That’s their tactic though. Beat you down over and over until you give in, or say “fine, you win, just leave me alone.” This is why now more than ever we need to come together, and make seeking the truth the ultimate goal.

The truth seems to be the one thing most in the media don’t want to talk about.

UPDATE: It would appear that the president isn’t putting up with the leftists’ crap anymore



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