Police Respond To Terror Attack In Manhattan, Four Feared Dead and Multiple Injured

Four are feared to be dead, and multiple people have been injured following an attack that has just occurred in New York.

A lone gunman in Manhattan took a truck, and drove into a crowd of people, according to police reports.

The driver reportedly was driving the truck in the bicycle lane, mowing over cyclists in his path. Authorities are unsure if the man driving was also the one firing shots, as only one person is currently in custody.

BREAKING VIDEO: Shooting/car ramming incident Manhattan, multiple injured. Warning Graphic content pic.twitter.com/s6sELaTU2P — News_Executive (@News_Executive) October 31, 2017

A witness of the horrendous act tweeted the following:

“A car just ran over 2 people and then crashed into a school bus. I see two dead bodies and citibikes on the floor destroyed.”

The New York Post were on the scene, and intereviewed 14-year old Laith Bahlouli. According to Laith, “What happened was there was a car crash… he came out of one of the cars. He had two guns. He was running around Chambers and somebody started to chase him.”

The media tends to treat certain acts of terror with more importance than others. In case of the Vegas shooting, we were told pretty quick it was an old, white male. However, we know that isn’t the case when certain “religions of peace” are involved.

Hell, we knew about the Neo-Nazi kid who ran over one person in Charlottesville (who actually died of a heart attack). Why aren’t we being told who the man in custody is?

Reports are coming out that the driver yelled “Allahu Akbar” upon getting out of the vehicle.

You won’t see the MSM reporting on those details, and you’ve got to wonder why?



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