Police Arrest Alabama Mass Shooter

This past Friday night yet another mass shooting occurred during a high school football game in Mobile, Alabama. The difference is that no one is blaming the guns this time, and thank God.

Deangelo Parnell, 17, was arrested and charged with nine counts of attempted murder, Mobile Police Department spokesman Laderrick Dubose told ABC News Saturday morning.

The city’s police chief, Lawrence Battiste, said at a news conference Friday that all victims were between 15 and 18 years old, according to local station WKRG 5. Of the ten people shot, three remained hospitalized Saturday afternoon, Battiste said at a news conference, thankfully no one is in life threatening condition.

“Why are the young people bringing this type of violence to public events. They’re bringing their beefs that they have with each other in their neighborhoods and they’re putting other people in harm’s way,” he said. “This is unacceptable for people to not to be able to come out and enjoy an event.”

The incident “may have been a directed threat at one or two individuals and other people just happened to fall prey to their carelessness,” Battiste added. The scene was captured from the stands and posted on social media:

This is just horrific to watch from Ladd-Peebles Stadium. Football coaches instructing players to take cover, fans hiding under the stands from a suspected shooting. This is a high school football game and should be a place of fun competition for everyone! Not violence! #Mobile pic.twitter.com/MmA1oP9LTW — Simone Eli (@SimoneEli_TV) August 31, 2019

According to NPR, Mobile’s mayor, Sandy Stimpson, said there was an “intense rivalry” between the two schools, and there were more police officers there “with that in mind.”

The safety policy on the website of the stadium where the game took place, Ladd-Peebles Stadium, prohibits weapons, including firearms, knives and box cutters in the stadium, regardless of a permit. This obviously did not deter the shooter, but unfortunately kept responsible, and permitted firearm carriers from being able to protect themselves or their families from situations like this. Criminals are going to break the law regardless, so why hinder a person’s right to protection?

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