Pelosi Lectures Reporter For Using Term “Illegal Aliens”, Quickly Realizes She Made A Huge Mistake

On Thursday House Minority Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) made an attempt to teach a reporter with CNS News a lesson after she used the term, “illegal alien”.

Pelosi tried to prove her point by saying that the term “illegal alien” is not “constructive” or helpful for the national immigration debate.

“Using terminology like ‘illegal aliens,’ ‘illegally entering the country’ is just not viewed as constructive. The fact is that we have, we must protect our borders, that is our responsibility.”

Watch the exchange:

Pelosi continued by saying;

“We must also protect our values, that’s our responsibility as well and we do believe that there can be a bipartisan way for us to come together to honor the values of our country and recognize that newcomers to our country are frequently the constant reinvigoration of America”. defines the Term ‘illegal alien’ as follows.

That’s right, Pelosi. If they are here illegally, they are ILLEGAL ALIENS.

Little does Pelosi realize is that the term is right on, but she’s the “politically correct” type and rolls over to please the masses. Dems never admit when they are wrong so, there we have it.




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