Opinion: I Am Part Of The Resistance Inside “Sesame Street”

I live on Sesame Street, and I have vowed to expose the truth about the Sesame Street Workshop.

There are many who would like to sexualize the puppets living on the street, but to be honest, it’s freaking weird that people would do that.

I mean, come on, they are puppets. They only come to “life” when someone sticks their hand through their caboose. They aren’t capable of formulating thoughts, much less caring about their sexual orientation.

Furthermore, puppets can’t have sex. It is literally impossible for them to do “it”. They don’t have the necessary anatomy for that to happen. Yet, some (probably insane) writer believes that two of Sesame Street’s residents are in a homosexual relationship.

One of my biggest concerns with these lies about my neighbors is that the person spreading them thinks he’s doing something positive. He thinks that by making puppets gay, somehow gay people will feel represented. What he fails to realize is that puppets can’t watch T.V. Puppets have no idea if they are being marginalized.

I think this writer needs to go back to elementary school, because it is evident he has no idea that puppets aren’t alive, which is one of the prerequisites to being “gay”. How he is able to work on a show that educates children is beyond me, seeing that he lacks the basic understanding that these puppets don’t have the ability to care about sex.

How we got to this point is absolutely mind-blowing. Why do people think someone would care about a puppet’s sexual orientation? Why is it that someone even thought to ask that question? What kind of sick mind sits around and wonders “I wonder if that puppet is into that puppet”?

Sure, a kid might think a puppet is a living thing, but adults know better, or so I thought. News flash: puppets aren’t alive. The sooner we realize that, and stop sexualizing them, the better off we will be as a society.



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