Obama’s Defy Climate Change Logic, Buy $14 Million Island Home

The Obama’s have been pretty busy ever since they left the White House, but this latest move is a bit of a head scratcher.

For all the concerns about global warming, or climate change, or whatever phrase we use now, it’s strange that the Obama’s are buying a house on an island that, according to climate “experts”, won’t exist in a decade.

Remember, leftists say that the climate is going to reach a tipping point in the next 12 years. Now, if that’s really the case, would people like the Obama’s be buying BEACH FRONT PROPERTY?

Let’s use some logic for a second. For the sake of critical thinking, let’s assume the climate activists are right. Let’s assume the ice caps melt, and sea levels rise. How does it make sense to buy a house on an island?

For those interested, here are some details on the new Obama property from realtor.com:

Built in 2001, the nearly 7,000-square-foot home offers plenty of space for entertaining guests (Fourth of July at the Obamas’!), but don’t let those rustic-looking shingles fool you. Inside, the vibe is contemporary—and a little cold.

That’s not to say that this massive seaside property isn’t stunning. It comes with beautiful views and plenty of privacy—perfect for a high-profile family looking for a little low-key rest and relaxation. But an inside look at the home reveals that it’s high time for a decor update.

A stark white color palette dominates the interiors, which lack any real personality. Plus, there are odd architectural touches like metal cables connecting the vaulted ceiling in the living room and concrete columns that scream “parking structure” instead of “palatial New England home.” Assuming that these details will need to be improved, one might argue it’s a $14.8 million fixer-upper.

Now, it’s no Epstein Island, but I’m sure it will do.

Back to the whole “climate change” issue. Do you ever wonder why the people on the coast don’t leave? For the most part, America’s liberals live on the coasts. They’re still there.

One would think that if climate change was THAT big of a threat, people would start packing up and leaving in droves. They aren’t.

In fact, some of these people are buying houses on islands. That doesn’t seem like a wise investment, especially if it’s going to be underwater pretty soon.



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