Obama Judge Rules Taxpayers Must Pay For Transgender Sex Assignment Surgery

A judge in Wisconsin has just ruled that medicaid has to cover sex reassignment surgery for people who identify as transgender.

Yes, you read that right. The taxpayer is now on the hook for someone else’s elective surgery. Imagine someone saying “I want bigger boobs”, and a judge saying “well, guess what, everyone else has to pay for it.”

This comes from the ruling:

At its most basic level, gender identity is understood by the medical profession to mean one’s internal sense of one’s sex. Everyone has a gender identity, and for most people, their gender identity is consistent with the sex designated on their birth certificate (variously referred to in medical literature as one’s “assigned,” “designated” or “natal” sex). Transgender people have a gender identity that differs from their natal sex. Accordingly, a transgender woman was assigned a natal sex of male but has a female gender identity, while a transgender man was assigned a natal sex of female but has a male gender identity.

According to plaintiffs’ experts, one’s gender identity is an immutable characteristic. Defendants dispute this. In particular, defendants argue that “[o]ne’s self-awareness as male or female changes gradually during infant life and childhood” based on “interactions with parents, peers, and environment,” noting that “[n]ormative psychological literature” fails “[to] address if and when gender identity becomes crystallized and what factors contribute to the development of a gender identity that is not congruent with the gender of rearing.”

Regardless of its origins, there is now a consensus within the medical profession that gender dysphoria is a serious medical condition, which if left untreated or inadequately treated can cause adverse symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, serious mental distress, self-harm, and suicidal ideation, all of which can cause social and occupational dysfunction. DSM-5 contains the psychiatric consensus as to its definition, diagnostic criteria and features:

Gender dysphoria refers to the distress that may accompany the incongruence between one’s experienced or expressed gender and one’s assigned gender. Although not all individuals will experience distress as a result of such incongruence, many are distressed if the desired physical interventions by means of hormones and/or surgery are not available. The current term is more descriptive than the previous DSM-IV term gender identity disorder and focuses on dysphoria as the clinical problem, not identity per se.

Now, let’s call this what it is: a waste of money. People suffering from the mental condition causing them to think they aren’t the right sex have the highest likelihood of suicide (nearly 40% of trans people attempt suicide). That number doesn’t change much for people after they transition. So, really this is just throwing money at a “solution” that doesn’t work.

This comes from Judicial Watch:

An Obama-appointed federal judge is forcing Wisconsin taxpayers to provide costly sex reassignment surgery and hormonal procedures for low-income transgender residents who get free medical care from the government. In a recently issued ruling U.S. District Judge William M. Conley writes that Medicaid, the publicly funded insurance that covers 65.7 million poor people, cannot deny the medical treatment needs of those suffering from “gender dysphoria.” Officials estimate it will cost up to $1.2 million annually to provide transgender Medicaid recipients in the Badger State with treatments such as “gender confirmation” surgery, including elective mastectomies, hysterectomies, genital reconstruction and breast augmentation. The intricate operations are typically done by plastic surgeons.

The ruling culminates a lawsuit filed more than a year ago by two transgender Wisconsinites, who accuse the federal and state-funded insurance program of providing them with disparate and inferior health care on the basis of sex. Cody Flack of Green Bay and Sara Makenzie of Baraboo say they suffer from severe gender dysphoria that requires costly surgery. Flack, a woman, claims to be ashamed of her breasts and wants to have them surgically removed as she transitions into a man’s body. To make a case for the government to pay for her surgery, she claims that she engages in “binding,” which flattens her breasts and causes sores, skin irritation and respiratory distress. Flack also has difficulty binding her breasts due to a disability, according to court documents. Makenzie, a man who legally changed his name to Sara and wears women’s clothing, says his “male-appearing genitalia” causes him “great distress” and negatively affects his sexuality and social life. Showering and seeing his body in a mirror is “painful,” court records state, and Makenzie fears someone will be able to see his “male genitals” through his clothing.

Do you want your tax dollars to go to pay for someone else’s gender assignment surgery?



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