Nike Just Leaked The Controversial Kaepernik “Just Do It” Ad Set To Air During Falcons-E

Colin Kaepernick has once again take the spotlight when he announced his campaign with Nike in a controversial “Just Do It’ campaign. Some celebrated the former NFL athlete for his stance against injustice while others condemned him for taking a kneee during our National anthem.

Whatever side you choose it does not take away from the extreme amount of press this guy has been getting. Right now he’s more talked about than Trump for the past 38 hours.

Nike was set to release their first ad with Kaepernik during the Faclons-Eagles game. Instead they posted it online for the world to see, and judge.

Kid chases football dreams in controversial Nike ad.

Kaepernik does not appear until the end of the commercial but his voice narrates the whole 2 minute video.

The video begins by saying: “If people think your dreams are crazy. If they laugh at what you think you can do. Good. stay that way.”

Kid goes for his dreams of wrestling despite disability in Nike ad.

It continues on after showing people working hard to fulfill their dreams… then it keeps going.

Watch the controversial ad that’s going viral across the world.




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