NFL Players Just Found A New Reason To “Take A Knee”, Here’s Why They Are Doing It

Last year former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kapernick began protesting the national anthem in an attempt to raise awareness on police brutality.

Now, the former player turned plaintiff finds himself without a job, and apparently without a movement.

According to CNN contributor, and former NFL wide receiver Donte Stallworth, players “taking a knee” during the anthem are doing it for reasons much different than the one Kaep gave his career up for.

“The number one stated goal was to bring awareness to a lot of these issues and again, its a broad spectrum of issues,” Stalworth said during a segment on CNN. “Again, it’s not just police brutality and community policing.”

Here’s a clip of Colin Kaepernick explaining the exact reason he chose to protest the anthem:

Kaepernick literally says he is trying to bring awareness to the issue of racial injustices in America. However, today’s culture says we need to constantly find victims, and the young men of the NFL are no different than your typical social justice warrior when it comes to informing themselves on what is really going on.

“It’s also, again from what I’m hearing from players directly involved in these talks–they’re telling me it’s also about the gender pay gap, it’s also about housing discrimination, they have so many things that they are interested in and advocating for and they want the NFL to take ownership in and help be able to use the NFL’s platform.”

Folks, it’s easy to sit and criticize the actions of multi-million dollar athletes, but we have to remember these men get hit in the head for a living. Not only that, they choose to get hit in the head for a living. We can’t expect a lot of deep thought from this segment of the population.

Nevertheless, their wealth and fame give them a platform to speak, however misguided their views (or what they are told to think) may be.

Here’s the thing, these guys are allowed to use their own money and time to help their causes. Tragically, it appears as though they aren’t aware of that fact.

Nobody is stopping these players from going into their communities, and helping others. Nobody is preventing them from giving their millions of dollars to those less fortunate. Yet, they think they need to take a knee. Maybe in their mind it’s cheaper. They keep their paychecks, and people get to think they are some sort of culture warrior…

Yet, while millionaires protest injustice, they seem to forget just how privileged they are. Hell, Donte Stallworth killed a guy while driving drunk, and only did 30 days in jail. That isn’t a black or white thing. That’s a “you play pro football” thing.

No, this isn’t an attack on Stallworth. The man was simply relaying the message he was given, however it’s interesting that a man who has experienced “NFL privilege” first hand would not be able (or willing) to call it out.

In the end, the players are hoping their protest brings some sort of unity… Wouldn’t it be easier if they just stood, and respected the flag like everyone else?

We aren’t the ones who decided to kneel for reasons we can’t even keep straight. The NFL better wake up, or it won’t be around much longer.



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