New York Bill Forces All Public Colleges To Perform Free Abortions

A proposed law in New York aims to force public universities (which are paid with your tax dollars) to cover abortion pills for all students, according to Life Site News.

State assemblyman Harvey Epstein of Manhattan introduced the bill to the New York State Assembly in November, after California had passed similar legislation to terminate the unborn:

According to the bill itself:

Each public college student health center shall make available to all students abortion by medication techniques onsite. This service shall be provided by medical professionals on staff at such student health centers or by a third party who has contracted with a university to provide such medical services.

Life Site News had this to say about the California version of the bill:

The movie Unplanned, which portrayed Abby Johnson’s conversion from Planned Parenthood director to pro-life activist, showed the bloody reality of this abortion method, which is usually completed at home in a bathroom without medical supervision. Students for Life of America (SFLA) blasted California’s new law as forcing “all public colleges to assist with dangerous toilet bowl abortions.” “Student fees underwrite the costs of the healthcare centers on campuses, which will now be required to distribute deadly chemical abortion pills,” explained Kristan Hawkins, President of SFLA. “And healthcare professionals will also be forced to hand them out no matter the consequences to women’s health, but Students for Life of America will make sure to connect these victims of conscience right violations with legal help to stop the spread of a bad idea that is only good for propping up abortion vendors like Planned Parenthood.” “Women will lose, as the abortion lobby makes bank. This law includes funds that can go to Planned Parenthood for ‘consulting’ and new funds for ‘security,’ allowing the nation’s number one abortion vendor to sit back and cash checks, enjoying the chaos of abortions taking place at schools without any of the risk,” said Hawkins.

The defense of the bill is weak, to say the least. Epstein (of course it’s an Epstein) says that “Students who want to end an unintended pregnancy have to travel to off-campus providers, potentially missing classes and disrupting their studies.”

Oh goodness! A student might miss class! That’s totally a reason to end a life…

Epstein, and those who agree with him (of which there are many) really think that the issue is one of convenience. They don’t value life. They actively pass laws to end it.

Revelation 2:9.

The bill is expected to pass, seeing as New York already allows for abortion on-demand, regardles s of how far along the woman (can’t say mother) is.

Pro-abortion enthusiasts warn of the dangers that women could face if abortion is made illegal. They talk about “back alleys” and “coat hangers,” to which I always respond with “fine, let them.”

If a woman wants to risk her health to end her pregnancy, good luck. That’s how I view it. The government shouldn’t condone it. Society shouldn’t accept it (abortion). If you want to put your life at risk over a decision you made and don’t want to live with, do it. We could use less trash in the gene pool.

The president has even spoken out in regards to these barbaric practices.

“There could be no greater contrast to the beautiful image of a mother holding her infant child than the chilling displays our nation saw in recent days,” Trump said. “Lawmakers in New York cheered with delight upon the passage of legislation that would allow a baby to be ripped from the mother’s womb moments before birth.”

I say we push New York into the Atlantic Ocean and forget about it… I’m starting to wish they got more than the towers…



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