Netflix To Release Obama Produced Documentary Tomorrow

The free market is a beautiful thing.

No other system gives you the ability to pick and choose where your hard earned dollars go.

That being said: if you subscribe to Netflix, you are paying the Obamas.

In case you haven’t heard, Netflix is releasing a film produced by the Obama’s production company. Here’s what Yahoo! had to say about the documentary:

The film charts a Midwestern rust belt community’s journey from optimism at the giant plant’s reopening — bringing back vital jobs — toward creeping anger and disillusionment as the Chinese management imposes its strict, exhausting demands on workers and sacks those who don’t comply.

The all-access look at how both American and Chinese workers, from blue-collar to management, had their lives transformed by powerful global economic forces caught the eyes of none other than Barack and Michelle Obama.

The former first couple acquired “American Factory” at January’s Sundance Festival, and will release it on Netflix and in select theaters from August 21 as the first offering from their Higher Ground Productions company.

Will I watch the film? Probably. I’ve already given Netflix my money, and they’ve already paid the Obamas. It’s done. Will I cancel my subscription next month? Probably not, because it’s the only way I can watch The Office.

At the end of the day, we should celebrate the fact that IF YOU DON’T WANT TO PAY FOR NETFLIX, YOU DON’T HAVE TO. Ahhh, capitalism…. It’s a beautiful thing.


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