Netflix Releases “Christmas Special” About Gay Jesus, Christians Outraged


A new Netflix Christmas special has caused quite the uproar among Christians, and now more than a million people are demanding the film be removed from the streaming service.

“The First Temptation of Christ,” features a gay version of Jesus, and a God who preys on young women to “knock them up.” The group that created the film, Brazilian sketch-comedy collective Porta dos Fundos, likens themselves to a modern day Monty Python, but even they knew to use a guy named Brian to make fun of Christianity.

Here’s some of the film’s plot from

Jesus (Gregorio Duvivier) finally arrives from his sandy sojourn, with his new friend Orlando (Fabio Porchat) in tow. If Orlando was any more flaming, you’d need a fire extinguisher. The implication is, they’ve been buggering each other a bit atop the dunes and such. And just as Jesus proclaims his intention to go into the lucrative juggling-arts trade, his mom and dad and biological dad dump-truck the truth all over him: As the Son of God, he’s basically a superhero with crazy powers. But Jesus is reluctant. Water-into-wine and resurrection are neat and all, but what he really wants to do is juggle (and here’s where I stop myself from adding the word “balls”). As Ned Flanders would say, this sure is a dilly of a pickle.

Following the movie’s American release, over 1 million people signed a petition for it to be removed from the streaming service.

In a statement shared with the Daily News, the show’s creators said, “Porta dos Fundos values artistic freedom and humor through satire on the most diverse cultural themes of our society and believes that freedom of expression is an essential construction for a democratic country.”

“The First Temptation of Christ” premiered on Netflix Brazil on Dec. 3, shortly after the group snatched the International Emmy Award for best comedy web television special, for last year’s “The Last Hangover,” a comedy showing Jesus’ disciples looking for their master, on the morning after a very drunk Last Supper, the Daily News writes.

You know, you never see these kinds of attempts at “comedy” with the “religion of peace”. Imagine what would happen if, instead of Jesus, these people used Muhammad. There wouldn’t be a petition going around… There would be suicide vests going off. There would be planes flying into buildings, again.

Perhaps somebody should make a film of pizza delivery guy Muhammad who murders everyone that puts bacon on their pizza. Or maybe a film of a gay Muhammad debating on whether or not he flings himself from a roof to save everyone else the trouble. Maybe we make a rom-com of Muhammad trying to ask out a goat. There are a lot of angles we can take with this.

That would never happen. That would never even be a thought. Yet, it’s okay to mock Jesus, and Christians as a whole. That’s the message that Netflix (and society at large) is sending. Even if they take the film down now, the fact that they started streaming it means they think this is okay.

Signing a petition is great, but I think I’d rather have some Muhammad cartoons made, and just see what happens from there.



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