Nancy Pelosi Says Her Devout Catholic Faith Makes It Impossible For Her To Hate President Trump

Nancy Pelosi lashed out at a reporter yesterday after she was asked if hatred for the president has played a part in the impeachment efforts against him.

“I don’t hate anybody!” she said. “I was raised in a Catholic house, we don’t hate anybody.”

What’s interesting to note is that Catholics don’t look to highly on the whole abortion thing. Joe Biden was denied Holy Communion for his stance on abortion. Safe to say, Nancy is… how do I put this delicately? She’s full of garbage.

“Don’t you accuse me of anything,” she continued before running back up to the podium.

“The president is a coward!” she states. “When it comes to helping our kids with gun violence.”

“He is cruel when he doesn’t deal with,” she begins to say before pausing to think of a soundbite. “The, the, helping with the dreamers, of which we are very proud of.”

Why are we proud of illegal immigrants who were brought here as children? I’m not sure. Merely existing isn’t really a thing to be proud of, but maybe it focused group well.

“As a Catholic,” she said, somehow managing not to burst into flames. “I resent your using the word ‘hate’ in a sentence that addresses me.”

“I don’t hate anyone!”

You can watch the whole thing for yourself, or at least a little bit. I can’t take but 3 minutes of watching this lady fumble through her words.



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